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Pb Free ROHS compliant circuit assembly

SnPb circuit assembly

Cable fabrication

Product assembly

Failure analysis

Circuit design and prototyping

PCB layout services

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Quality Electronics Manufacturing Services

Lead Free ROHS compliant PCB assembly services have been part of our capabilities for years and our long history in electronics manufacturing accounts for the exceptional quality and high yields our customers experience every day with this newer technology.  Our attention to detail along with unsurpassed customer service explains why our customers keep coming back to us job after job.

In addition to Lead Free processing we also offer high quality SnPb solder solutions for products not required to meet ROHS specifications..

To make your product more producible we offer design for manufacturing (DFM) reviews during the PCB artwork creation phase, or prior to artwork release to your PCB manufacturer.  This review is especially important to avoid  common problems in Lead Free assembly.

We also offer custom cable assembly, including military circular connectors, Ethernet, BNC and DB styles of connectors.  Single wire to complex bundles encased in shrink tubing.


Established in 1987, the company has a long history of producing high quality products.  Along with our own standard products, custom designed and contract manufactured products have all withstood the test of time in the field.  Attention to detail in every step of the assembly process assures minimal rework, high reliability and optimized turn times.

Using the latest Lead Free compatible equipment provides excellent process control in critical assembly processes.  Well trained employees compliment our automated processes with skilled hand solder, wire prep, and rework abilities.  Processes are optimized for quality and cost.

To receive a free quotation simply provide us a Bill of Materials, placement diagram with board dimensions, quantities to quote and a time frame for the work.  Panalized boards receive a discount.

Please specify full turnkey or kitted parts when requesting a quote.